Water_Requiem (water_requiem) wrote in revolution_kids,


Is anyone there? Ah, good.

State of the Yune: Good. I've gotten to meet all you people, I've gotten introduced to Initial D and it's really fine! I could go on about all the fun things I've been doing, but what I really need to do is talk about the community.

State of Community: Deceased. No one posts. And I mean no one, ok? What we need is something fun, like a motivation to post here. We need to talk about what's on our minds, and not post lists of our favorite music (which is awesome and interesting to post in our personal journals, btw) because, let's face it - where does a list go? No where. We should, instead talk about meets and ideas that we have and then, and only then, we will have something of a community.
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